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Frequently Asked Questions

Ok, so you fancy a headset but have no idea what you need either personally or technically. No problem. Cognetix Direct is here to help you make the right choice. Below are answers to frequently asked questions we receive, but remember, if in doubt, give us a call and we will guarantee to get you the right headset.

What are the instant benefits I'll get from wearing a headset?

With hands free you'll find typing or writing much easier whilst on a call. Not having to clamp the phone between your ear and your shoulder will greatly reduce muscle strains that often lead to head, neck and back aches. Overall this ability to multitask in comfort will lead to more productivity and save you time which, as we all know means money.

Monaural/Binaural or 3 in 1 style - What's the difference?

Put simply, monaural headsets have one earpiece, binaurals have two earpieces and 3 in 1 headsets offer a headband, an ear hook and a neckband. Monaural headsets tend to be the most popular as they offer excellent security to the head and ear, however, in some circumstances such as noisy environments or occupations which demand highly focused call taking, binaural headsets are sometimes preferred as they offer sound in both ears. The 3 in 1 headsets are increasingly popular as they give the user the option to wear the headset over the head, over the ear or around the back of the neck. A particularly good choice if you're buying for others, as the headset lets the individual decide how it's worn. 

Do I need to have any additional equipment other than the headset?

A lot of devices and office phones are now supplied with a headset socket or are headset programmable, so all you need is the headset. However some are not and in these situations an Amplifier is required and plugs directly into the existing handset socket which then allows both the headset and the handset to be used. Alternatively, should your phone be old and somewhat past its sell by date Cognetix offers a comprehensive range of headset telephone packages to suit most needs. If in doubt give us a call.

What is noise cancelling technology?

Cognetix headsets are fitted with noise cancelling microphone technology; this results in a dramatic reduction in background noise being transmitted down the telephone line when calls are made from a noisy, busy environment. This not only makes your calls sound more professional but can also cut down on the need to repeat yourself due to your caller not hearing you clearly.

Why are Cognetix Headsets cheaper than other leading brands?

You are dealing directly with the manufacturer, plain and simple. Therefore there are no middlemen adding to the costs. Cognetix is the only headset manufacturer that does this. This results in pricing that is on average 30% cheaper than our rivals